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Nhạc đời may rủi

*em chỉ dịch thôi.


What my imagination refers to, in making this work, is exactly the dice. I use the possibility of luck in throwing the dice to imply the luck of the draw when taking the pills. It seems like you got ill, you went to the pharmacy to get the pills and you took the pills but you really don’t know whether they were real or fraud. And noone does.

The work is a set of 03 small sculpture cubes whose shapes are dice-alike. They are made of by the mixing of concrete and grinding stones – the popular mixing of materials used in making the stone benches in the public places, such as hospital, park, school or gravestone.

Each faces of the trio cubes has labeled respectively. So every time you throw a die, you’ll have the same chance to get, for instance, either this or that face with its own label. Hence, whenever throwing the dice, you’ll get 3 out of 18 labeled faces.

Here is the labels on each face of the three dice respectively:

Die No. 1:

  1. Real
  2. Fraud
  3. Real
  4. Fraud
  5. Real
  6. Fraud

Die No.2:

All faces are ‘Fraud’.

Die No.3:

  1. A Child
  2. A Man
  3. A Girl
  4. A Woman in pregnancy
  5. A Woman
  6. The Elder

The battle against medicine fraud, in which we are involved, is apparently not a fair game. These dice are the metaphor for the cheating side of this game. And sometimes it stakes a life of a human being on the betting.

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