Thứ Sáu, 19 tháng 11, 2010

Not a matter of pride

She knows he thinks about her, though the times are not so grand
But you can only play the cards that you are holding in your hand
She knows he thinks of leaving, and doesn't want to let him go
While there's something left unfinished, something that she needs to know

She says lets decorate the bedroom, DIY from the superstore
But he's five cans down a six pack, he's not listening any more
But she feels his heart is kinder than he wants to let her think
And so she exercises patience, does the dishes in the sink

Take your time, til you decide
It's a matter of love not a matter of pride
When people get close they sometimes collide
Oh how the truth gets turned into lies

He says I wish I had some money, I'd show this town a thing or two
See my woman let her hair down like she always wanted to do
Though I'm just a weekend dreamer still my heart's not far away
Would she be better if I leave her or better if I stay?

He doesn't want another woman she doesn't look at other men
An affair may be exciting but disappoints you in the end
They both know there is something missing floating just beyond their reach
In this lovers search and rescue will they find what they might keep

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  1. kết nhất "An affair may be exciting but disappoints you in the end" ;)

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