Thứ Tư, 4 tháng 11, 2015

must they be growing old, too.

in an unexpected move she dropped me a message. i read a message, which was apparently clear and straightforward, of which i thought she would like me to act the same, and i read the contact name which has been saved in the phone memory for years. suddenly i felt glad. i knew i should be glad. i did be glad that she's still got my number after all those years, to which amount, to be precise, i have to confess that i could barely recall.

certainly the arrangement was made and we caught up each other in a small coffee shop located alongside the pavement of one of the biggest boulevard of the area; to be precise, her area; the apartment in which her temporary residence is based during days she was back in VN is just over there.

and we were just sitting here. in a peaceful and mild weather of the rainny season in Saigon. for a while.

felt like i just caught up with my youth. a part of which i was over through.

always it was feeling like at ease to see them growing.

they are growing. and i have no idea. about the sadness inside of them i had once seen.

must they be growing old, too.

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